Navigating a New Era in Higher Ed: Facts About the Future


The biggest mistake we can make in higher education is continually choosing to operate for the era in which we were founded instead of the age in which we currently exist. The skills we need, the ways we collaborate, and the jobs available to graduates are changing. So must we.

Learn from higher-ed acclaimed authors and dynamic leaders about embracing a “mindset reset” about the purpose and possibility of modern postsecondary education, putting students at the center of everything we do. Then dig deep into startling new data about navigating this promising new era with eyes wide open.

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  1. Leadership skills of the future — job requirements (education, experience, talents, resources needed, mindsets) for leaders in the 2020s and beyond
  2. The top 4 evolutions and revolutions taking higher education by storm, and how to keep your head above water in tumultuous times
  3. Statistics gleaned from higher-ed professionals about their career plans, their assessment of the industry, and the viability of their institutions



Jamie Mollo, Sr. Conferences & Events Planner, Western Governors University

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