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Mind Management, Not Time Management


Time management has passed the point of diminishing returns. It’s great for stacking bricks, but is at odds with innovation. As the great sculptor Constantin Brancusi said, “Things are not difficult to make; what is difficult is putting ourselves in the state of mind to make them.

Writer, designer, and 17-year-veteran creator David Kadavy shows you how to stop searching for extra minutes and start making the most of your creative energy.

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  1. Neuroscience shows creative thinking is at odds with the fundamentals of time management. A “clock time” mindset closes us off from new ideas.
  2. We get creatively blocked because we don’t follow the four stages of creative thinking, which creativity researchers have known about for a century.
  3. By working according to mental state and harnessing the power of incubation, you can have more valuable and effective ideas, with less time and pain.



David Kadavy, President, Kadavy, Inc

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