SXSW 2024

Memes and Emojis Are the New Language of Research


A 😊 sets the tone of a business email. A 💯 provides immediate reassurance or even a business deal confirmation. No CEO’s email establishes a company’s energy with the accuracy of a “rolling into the weekend like” meme. If you could respond to a memo with the *Homer disappears into shrubs* gif, wouldn’t you? With modern digital speak, we’re utilizing the full scope of visual linguistics – for social, transactional and innovation discussions alike. Learn why this shift applies to market research, and why new digital language behaviors are irreplaceable in discerning business insights.

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  1. Learn how every part of culture – from marketing to politics – adopted new digital language, while research lagged and left room for opportunity.
  2. Explore how the language of digital culture currently fits into your discussions with your audiences and community members.
  3. Upgrade the ways you conduct the most basic methods of research to guarantee you’re fluent in the new language of marketing insights.


  • Maria Vorovich, Chief Strategy Officer, GoodQues


Maria Vorovich, Chief Strategy Officer, GoodQues

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