What It Takes to Scale High Impact Tutoring


Everyone is talking about high-impact tutoring! But how do you do it well? How do you do it at scale? With multiple partners, providers, schools, data sources, etc.? Come learn about a public-private partnership in NYC that is working to answer these questions and use tutoring to accelerate learning for over 50,000 students.

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  1. Attendees will learn how an intermediary / backbone organization can connect the dots to create standards and scale tutoring.
  2. Attendees will learn how blended philanthropy can accelerate partnerships and supplement public funding with an eye toward sustainability.
  3. Attendees will understand the most essential elements of high-impact tutoring and take home tools and practices to help ensure fidelity.


  • Chris Caruso, Managing Director, School-Age Children, Robin Hood
  • Melanie Ojefua, Vice President, High Impact Tutoring, ExpandED Schools


Chris Caruso, Managing Director, School-Age Children, Robin Hood

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