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Beyond Grades: Parenting for Kids' Success in Life

Students at high-achieving schools experience anxiety and depression at alarming rates. Learn what parents can do to promote their kids' well-being in an ecosystem that is narrowly focused on grades, test scores and admission to selective colleges/universities. Components of a parent conversation series will highlight foundational values and practices that lead our kids into adulthood by mentoring and modeling how to grow into healthy, high-functioning adults who are successful in life.

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  1. Students at high-achieving schools are under excessive academic pressure and experience high rates of anxiety, depression and addiction.
  2. Parents' inner connection with their values, concept of self-worth and taking care of themselves psychologically are foundational practices.
  3. Parents play an important protective role-more than peers-when it comes to mentoring and modeling what healthy, successful adulthood looks like.



Dagmar Kauffman, Founder & Executive Director, On Balance Parenting

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