SXSW 2020

Two-Sided: Finding My Voice as a Bicultural Marketer


“Lacking in diversity”. “Unoriginal ideas”. “Tone-deaf messaging”.
Whatever the criticism of our industry, we advertisers have heard it before.
In fact, we’re tired of it too.
The problem is, we keep looking for answers in the same places: sterile research reports, outdated case studies, or in the hallways of…other agencies.
In my career, I’ve discovered ways of addressing these issues, and they admittedly come from some pretty strange places: the Dallas Cowboys, room temp fried rice, disobeying your parents, and making a baby.
My bicultural upbringing has given me a unique perspective as both a recipient and instigator of culture. Immersion into dual worlds has taught me valuable lessons that any marketer can apply towards elevating the work and thinking that drives our world.

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  1. How do I find the courage to be different when everybody around me seems to be cut from the same mold?
  2. How do I help break the cycle of boring, unoriginal work we so often take flak for?
  3. How do I convince consumers to actually care about my brand on an emotional level?


  • Roger Chang, Senior Brand Strategist, Heat


Roger Chang, Senior Brand Strategist, Heat

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