Learning Abroad With Black and Latin(x) Students


Our presentation explores unique personal and career outcomes that international education gives underrepresented and first-generation college students. In 7 years we’ve provided 400+ students with project-based academic internships in Beijing, Cape Town and San Jose, Costa Rica. We’ll discuss the importance of equity within international education starting as early as middle school. Our innovative, 100 passports program, works with Austin-area middle-schoolers who will travel to China in 2020.

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  1. Explore how low-income students come with the prerequisites to maximize global opportunities.
  2. Explore how global experiences help Black and Latin(x) students get high-paying jobs.
  3. Explore the competitiveness of global skills vs GPA in the 21st century job market.



Devin Walker, Director Of Global Leadership & Social Impact, The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement at The University of Texas at Austin

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