SXSW 2020

How can we move AR beyond just being a tech demo?


There is no doubt that screens will disappear in our future. The question seems to be how long we have to wait. “Black Mirror” paints a bleak but intriguing dystopian vision of the use of AR – how do we get to the good parts but avoid the bad parts? How do we get Augmented Reality beyond Pokemon Go’s gimmick – or the whales in a living room pipe dream tech demo? What are valid use cases or is this a solution in search of a problem? Can AR even go mainstream while headsets exist or do we need AR contact lenses? This panel will be fast and challenging. All the people involved are highly experienced operators and players in the industry – and all have strong opinions. The panel will seek to educate and entertain – while dispelling common myths about AR.

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  1. What will it take for AR to become mainstream?
  2. How far can we get with ARkit and mobile devices?
  3. Will AR eat VR or can they coexist?



Nick Bicanic, CTO, Red Six Aerospace Inc.

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  • Event: SXSW
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