SXSW 2020

Resilient women: How female leaders bounce back


Women face unique challenges in society today. Whether its striving for excellence on the field, ascending the corporate leadership ladder, or simply trying to be your best self every day. Challenges are inevitable, but how we cope with them depends on one important attribute - resilience. Also known as "bouncing back," resilience is the ability to adapt and quickly recover from adversity and it involves a combination of behaviors, thoughts, and actions.

Contrary to popular belief, resilience isn't something you are just born with, it’s something you can learn. In this session, you will discover strategies for building a daily practice of resilience through the experiences and lessons from both a US Women's Soccer National Team player and a Chief Well-being Officer.

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  1. Gain a greater understanding of resilience, what it means and why it’s important for women.
  2. Hear personal stories and examples of overcoming hardships through the power of resiliency from female leaders in the corporate and sports world.
  3. Learn practical science-backed strategies for practicing resilience daily.



Amy Fields, Communications Manager, Deloitte

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