Designing for Dancers With Disabilities


NuVu Studio, an innovative high school, reimagines education through experiential design projects. Their collaborations include Heidi Latsky Dance, an integrated dance company, whose work ON DISPLAY seeks to reset aesthetic values and to erase stigma surrounding disability. Students work with dancers with atypical bodies to create wearable sculptures from the entry points of equity and accessibility. The impactful work rethinks how design shapes minds and informs society.

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  1. How a critique-based iterative design process can be used as a tool for high schoolers to investigate implicit bias and question assumptions
  2. How to put an idea out there and see it through to fruition without knowing where it’s going to go.
  3. How teaching inclusive design to beginner designers challenges the "afterthought" mentality that can sometimes appear in education & practice.



Rosa Weinberg, Senior Coach, Director Of Studio Development, NuVu Studio

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