SXSW 2020

Full Recovery: Mixing Cannabis with Sobriety


Can cannabis fit into a sober, mindful lifestyle? The answer has been traditionally no, but entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry are developing new models that disrupt the traditional recovery process - and use themselves as their initial clients. In this presentation, Medicine Box CEO/12-step veteran Brian Chaplin discusses how he used cannabis to wean himself off of Prozac. Touching upon his experience as a cultivator, he speaks to specific plant genetics appropriate for these therapies. Moreover, he specifies how he works with clients using his method, and how to transition cannabis from a drug of abuse to a powerful recovery tool.

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  1. The 12-step model allows for vast, often conflicting, modes of interpretation and implementation. Some countenance mindful cannabis treatments.
  2. Viewers will learn Brian's process for discontinuing SSRIs using cannabis in tandem with traditional herbalism.
  3. Cannabis holds the potential to disrupt traditional recovery models.



Justin Hampton, Content Developer, Medicine Box

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