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Skipping Scratch for Python with Young Learners

Learners at an Austin-based micro school start coding in Python in 2nd grade. Python is a language created in the spirit of making computer programming accessible to everybody. In this session you’ll see how young learners can start constructing their understanding of programming concepts—including if-statements, lists, loops, and functions—by reading, discussing, and debugging code at levels beyond what they themselves might produce.

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  1. Children have a significant capacity for understanding a text-based language such as Python.
  2. Taking a cue from how writing instruction occurs, learn how to use code as “mentor text” for introducing coding concepts and computational thinking.
  3. See how young learners engage in group deliberation and collaboration in ways authentic to the discipline of software development.



Eric Mann, Mathematics and Computer Science Content Leader, Long-View Micro School

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  • Tags: stem & steam, instruction
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Talk
  • Track: Emerging Tech & Development
  • Level: Field Experience
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