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Empowering Parents to Customize School

The wealthy can customize education by choosing where they live and where their children attend school. They can purchase supplemental services, like tutoring, SAT prep--even educational therapies. What happens when all parents have this kind of power? A growing number of states are giving low- and middle-income parents government funds to spend on the educational services of their choice. Do they work? How do they work? Can they help to bridge access and attainment gaps?

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  1. To describe policies that allow low- and middle-income families to use government funds to customize education for the child
  2. To understand whether and how these programs work: What do we know about them? What are the impacts on families, schools, and school systems?
  3. To discuss parent motivations to use and perceptions about these school choice programs.



Cara Candal, Director, Educational Opportunity, ExcelinEd

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