Design the Learning Space of the Future


How might we design the classroom of the future? In this fun, hands-on workshop, a designer and a learning scientist will guide you on a futuristic journey to explore imaginary classroom environments. Through playful, design thinking activities, we will co-create wild, fantasy-like spatial concepts and classroom setups. Expect to take your future-forward visions and translate them directly to real-world classrooms to drive student engagement, belonging, and social-emotional learning.

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  1. Gain expert tips for classroom setup from a spatial designer and interior design educator and a specialist in the science of learning
  2. Make informed, research-based decisions when setting up a classroom or other learning environment
  3. Learn how to use leading-edge interior design methods to design learning spaces that support and promote your learning objectives



Julie Schell, Executive Director, Assistant Professor of Practice, The University of Texas at Austin

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