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A Call to Higher Ideals: Systems Change & Equity

A strong K-12 public education system is essential for a democracy and civil society to thrive. It is time to build a system on the core principle that all students can succeed. Join this session for advancing thinking to elevate the hard questions about the purpose of our education systems. We should raise our collective consciousness and ask whether today’s systems are fit for purpose and do they meet the needs of each and every learner.

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  1. Understand how traditional approaches to K-12 education perpetuate and reinforce systemic inequities.
  2. Learn what is possible for the future of education systems to support each student’s individual needs.
  3. Articulate the purpose of K-12 education for greater justice, social equity, and global solidarity.


  • Susan Patrick, President and CEO, iNACOL
  • DeQuendre Neeley-Bertrand, Director of Communications, iNACOL


Natalie Slocum, Strategic Partnerships Dir, iNACOL

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