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Youth and Vulnerability: Music as Recovery

For this session, 17 year old One Stone Lab School student Grace King will be in conversation with her art coach, Teal Gardner. Topics to be explored are- vulnerability, personal growth, mental health, drug/alcohol treatment and recovery, the past 2 years attending One Stone Lab School and the impact it's had on who she is today, mindset, pursuing passions such as music and art, reaching out, opportunity, work, actively moving forward, her support system and the role it has played in her life.

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  1. Vulnerability experiences help shut-down students to take advantage of their capacity to learn, grow, and change.
  2. Mindset modification through self-awareness helps students gain access to themselves and outside opportunities.
  3. Close mentoring around vulnerability and mindset can be transformative.



Teal Gardner, Academic Coach - Art, One Stone

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