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Using the Teenage Brain to Understand Their Brain

Everyone is talking about the teenage brain. Yes, teenagers take more risks and are absolutely self-focused! Yet, the teen brain’s reactions to various triggers make sense from biological, cultural, and psychological perspectives-these perspectives can even help explain teen tendencies towards impulsivity and addiction. This session offers interdisciplinary, experiential strategies for working with the teenage brain by offering students opportunities to explore their own brains.

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  1. Learn unique characteristics of the teenage brains such as the tendency of the teenage brain to make things personal.
  2. Develop a strategy for drawing on the teenage brain’s unique characteristics to help students engage with deep learning opportunities.
  3. Understanding specific, high-impact projects that can be used to create experiential, interdisciplinary learning opportunities.


  • Celeste Bolin, Co-Director of School, One Stone


Celeste Bolin, Co-Director of School, One Stone

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