How to Make a Design Degree Matter


Reconstructing decades-old curriculum is not easy, and launching new programs inside the academy may be even harder. In the age of interdisciplinary learning and human-centered thinking, we owe it to our students to provide a curriculum that is responsive to the time and place in which they graduate, which means updating, redesigning and sometimes even starting over. Kate will discuss how interdisciplinary curriculums can be reimagined for undergraduates, graduate students and medical students.

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  1. Reconstructing curriculum is hard work and takes time but in the age of collaborative learning we owe it to our students to modernize what we teach.
  2. The future of design is not just design thinking nor is it just form-giving. The future of design is supporting success in other disciplines.
  3. An example of design intersecting to improve another field is Dell Medical School - where patient outcomes are prioritized and pedagogy is modernized.



Nada Dorman, Assistant Director Of Communications, The University of Texas at Austin

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