Preparing K-8 Students for the Future of Work


Automation and AI are transforming the economy. In K-12 education, preparation for the future of work has focused on improving career & technical education in high school. But the K-8 grades are critical for getting students and families ready for new opportunities in high school and beyond. We'll cover multiple perspectives on ways to expand opportunity and build equitable access by supporting educators, increasing offerings, and deeply engaging families beginning in elementary school.

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  1. Understand the role that K-8 education can play in ensuring that no student is shut out from a well-paying job in the future economy.
  2. Identify early barriers to equitable access to rigorous high school programs that prepare students for college and the workforce.
  3. Identify creative policy and practice ideas for giving more children and families early access to information about the future of work.



Scott Sargrad, Vice President, K-12 Education Policy, Center for American Progress

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