SXSW 2020

Augmenting Art - Lessons in Extending Reality


Using our experiences working in augmented reality we'll discuss projects we've worked on and the successes and failures we've experienced along with where we'd like to take our art.

We feel lucky to live in a time when technology is truly opening the doors to multi-disciplinary artists. Artists can now bridge the physical and digital worlds by producing work that seamlessly integrates both. We can combine oil paintings with animation, art prints with motion graphics, clothing with AR mantras, and can reveal another layer of beautiful digital fantasy onto an entire physical space. Creating art in AR has been an incredibly gratifying experience, and we're looking forward to tackling the endless opportunities that now present themselves.

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  1. Suggestions for getting started working with XR: (Types, capabilities, AR vs VR vs traditional video media. Why AR Matters, tech overview.)
  2. Best Practices for using AR in art: (Choosing the right tool, 2d and 3D software and methods, Artivive, Spark AR, Unity and dealing with challenges.)
  3. Ideas about where augmented art might head in the future (AR beyond doggy-ear filters, AR for entertainment, advertising, education, social impact)



Brian Behm, Principal Creative, Behm Creative

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  • Event: SXSW
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