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SXSW 2020

Healing the Broken Classroom: The Quest to De-Tech

As schools rush to embrace online platforms and device-based education, disturbing effects are mounting for student learning and overall health. But can the balanced classroom be reclaimed? One mother recounts her struggle to be heard by indifferent school administrators after her 6-year-old accessed porn on his school-issued iPad. A health journalist reveals the unexpected consequences of screen misuse and overuse, the true meaning of “21st century skills,” and what today’s students really need to become smart, self-reliant adults. Next, a parent-turned-fierce-child-advocate shares how she steered America's 17th-largest school system toward best practices for balanced classrooms. A tech-wise attorney offers parents a proven legal strategy to engage unresponsive administrators.

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  1. Understanding the human cost of too much dependency on tech in schools and what students really need to be smart, skilled, durable, and healthy.
  2. Ways to achieve a balanced classroom based on effective teacher-student interaction supplemented by selective and safe use of digital teaching tools.
  3. How parents can spur schools to achieve balanced classrooms and ensure student learning and healthy self-development.



Jenifer Joy Madden, Founder, DurableHuman.com

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  • Event: SXSW
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