SXSW 2020

So, Your Client Wants You to Make a Black Mirror?


You're a hot, new tech start-up. What should you do when a client asks you to build a 'Black Mirror' dystopian future? Innovation today happens faster than legislation and social norms can anticipate, often leaving founders and inventors to draw the lines themselves. Where do the responsibilities lay when it comes to safeguarding society while building the technologies of tomorrow? Join us as we explore this ethical gray area and listen to our panel of inventors and experts who are dealing with this issue everyday: developers of AR/XR, AI/ML, face-tracking, data harvesting, and specialists in emerging tech IP law. What steps should consumers and private citizens take when they see these technologies emerging? Who better to ask than the people building those protections for us today.

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  1. How to identify and anticipate potentially dangerous technologies and what steps should you take at your own companies or teams to address this?
  2. The Tech Industry has traditionally supported innovation above all else. Do we need a new industry framework that supports innovation AND ethics?
  3. Whoops, someone built another 'Cambridge Analytica!' What steps should consumers and private citizens take when the product is already in the wild?



Eric Navarrette, Chief Mktg Officer, ARwall

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