Can No-Coding Movement Fix Tech's Diversity Issue?


The tech industry has a diversity problem: Google’s workforce is only 4.8% Black and 6.8% Latinx. Companies like SurveyMonkey are striking back by partnering with an online education program placing non-traditional talent in high growth tech sales jobs, tuition free.
The shift toward teaching human-centered skills instead of technical ones is critical to help underrepresented demographics enter the tech industry. This session will explore the No-Coding Movement’s impact on diversity in tech.

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  1. Why finding new talent in unconventional places is critical to tech’s survival
  2. How the No-Coding Movement will yield positive results not just for your culture and bottom line, but for the tech industry at-large
  3. Why properly training employees on human-skills, the “last skills to be automated” is imperative for both workers and businesses



Emma Baron, Senior Account Executive, VSC

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