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Building an Inclusive Workforce of the Future


As technology fundamentally changes the paradigm of work, much of the workforce will be impacted. However, vulnerable populations, such as survivors of trafficking, formerly incarcerated persons, and refugees who experience greater susceptibility to unemployment and underemployment, will likely feel these impacts first and most acutely. The session will focus on these three intersecting populations, exploring innovative pathways to employment within the context of the "future of work." Our diverse panel of speakers includes advocates and entrepreneurs from the populations in focus. Their organizations offer unique solutions ranging from preparing individuals to reenter the workforce with new, diverse skill sets, to using technology to create new markets, but tap into existing skills.

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  1. What are the primary challenges to sustainable employment for these vulnerable groups, and how are these expected to evolve in the "future of work"?
  2. What are some innovative pathways to employment available to members of these populations, and how have these enterprises found success?
  3. What tactical steps can employers (across the public and private sector) take to help create dignified work opportunities for members of these groups?



Vera Kiefer, Consultant, Deloitte

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