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SXSW 2020

How DTCs Can Survive the Cookie Apocalypse

The feared “Cookie Apocalypse” is imminent, and it promises to force the digital advertising ecosystem into a Mad Max, “Welcome to the Thunderdome-esque” struggle for survival. Google is cracking down on third-party cookies, Apple is making anti-tracking updates, and Facebook is letting users clear their histories. Marketers are scurrying to figure out how to move forward with less data available for advertising. But as with many things that scare us—like ghosts, death, and Nicolas Cage—the source of the fear comes from a lack of understanding. This panel of D2C brands will discuss what marketers can do to prepare for a world without cookies, and why the email address is likely to emerge as the most consistent and important channel in the digital marketing mix.

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  1. Evaluate how much of your ability to market or monetize audiences relies on third-party cookies, and do an audit of your first-party data strategy.
  2. Act on the understanding that the email address is the most persistent ubiquitous ID in the digital advertising ecosystem.
  3. Combine email strategy with modern onboarding tools to create a replacement for third-party targeting.


  • Nick Dujnic, VP Marketing, LiveIntent
  • Valeria Chisca, Sr. Director of Growth Marketing, Rue La La
  • Corey Eng, Associate Director, Marketing, Wayfair


Justine Pallas, Manager, cred

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Advertising & Brand Experience
  • Level: Intermediate
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