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SXSW 2020

The Data-Driven Food System: From Soil to Supper

Google has convened the Refresh Working Group—40 farmers, nutritionists, retailers, researchers, and consumers—to collectively examine how AI is helping to improve the U.S. food system. Farmers today are using image recognition technologies to detect signs of bacteria or fungus—such as color change, wilting, or spots—to identify pests and plant diseases. Predictive ordering algorithms are modernizing food retail and helping to cut food waste in half. Natural language processing applications can read tweets and restaurant reviews in order to identify sources of food poisoning and improve food safety inspections. Panel will include experts from Google, Austin Food Policy Council & Food Tank to discuss technologies are transforming food production, distribution, and consumption.

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  1. We have the potential to utilize the valuable insights and predictions produced by data-driven AI tools to create more equitable food systems.
  2. Leveraging new technologies to improve our food system requires working across sectors & linking people together throughout the food supply chain.
  3. AI may enable us to deal with crises in food production, distribution, consumption, and waste, such as hunger and climate change.



Sarah Papazoglakis, Senior Policy & Research Manager, Swell Creative Group

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  • Event: SXSW
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