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What Happens When K12 and Ed Prep Combine Forces?

Too often, education preparation and K-12 education efforts are siloed--with the great learnings from one sector not transferring well to the other. Come learn about two efforts piloted in RI to fix that: An Ed Prep Design Challenge partnering K-12 educators & ed prep programs on better preparing ELL educators and a fellowship for faculty run by K-12 coaches to embed personalized learning pedagogies into courses. This session will share work & explain how you can replicate in your own contexts.

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  1. Leave understanding how RI identified partners, determined strategies for improved educator preparation, and launched pilots to solve IDed problems.
  2. Gain insights into two tangible programs participants can launch in their own contexts--including how to recruit, plan, and execute the programs.
  3. Ideate and strategize around participants' own local needs and ways that programs like the ones explained could be launched to help meet those needs.



Daniela Fairchild, Director, RI Office of Innovation

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