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SXSW 2020

Art, Entertainment and Social Justice Awareness

Weed+Grub examines how artists are essential in shifting cannabis culture from society’s fringe to the mainstream. This panel is a deep dive into art and effective messaging surrounding cannabis legalization. How can we reach the widest possible audience? Does legal weed need to lighten up? What role do music, film and theater play in legalization?
Weed+Grub, a cannabis, comedy and culture podcast, is co-hosted by former High Times editor Mary Jane Gibson and comedian Mike Glazer. Guests like Jim Belushi, trans icon Buck Angel, comedian Ron Funches, and cannabis lawyer Amy Margolis have spoken about inclusivity, representation and human rights. In this session, we discuss how information is best served with humor, creativity and authenticity. “Top 10 Cannabis Podcast” (Uproxx)

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  1. How can your organization or brand impactfully reach a wider audience and rise above the static?
  2. Translating your message into something relatable, engaging, and widely shareable while still informative.
  3. How to ask the right questions, and listen with open minds and hearts, instead of tossing around buzzwords.



Mary Jane Gibson And Mike Glazer, Co-Hosts, Weed+Grub

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Podcast
  • Track: Cannabusiness
  • Level: Advanced
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