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Living Culture: Finding Your Organization's Soul

Understand why – and how – to create empowering and engaging learning environments by putting people first. Lead with vision. Be true to your values. Let go and give young people a voice. Ask questions and really listen. Learn together. Laugh. Dance. High-five. Sing. Cheer. Practice with intention. Give your classroom or organization a soul. Create a space that values learners as humans – not just students of siloed subject-matter. Watch it grow with every success and improve from every failure.

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  1. Learn how to use your true North to develop, deepen, and live your values as an organization.
  2. Learn how to create space in your learning environments for failure, vulnerability, and celebration that makes people feel valued.
  3. Discover how student ownership creates authentic opportunities, and a safe space, for student growth.



Ashlee Greenwood, Chief of Staff, One Stone

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