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Descheduling Cannabis: Be Careful What You Wish


Many in the cannabis industry advocate for removing cannabis from the Controlled Substances list or descheduling. But what if descheduling destroys the cannabis industry instead? If cannabis gets descheduled and then treated like tobacco, what's to keep it out of convenience stores and Wal-Mart? In fact, convenience stores are already preparing their argument to sell prepackaged cannabis products. If they succeed, it could decimate the dispensary system and see the destruction of millions of dollars of investment. Some in the industry believe this won't happen, others on the outside believe the cannabis industry is unbelievably naive in how Congress will move to benefit Wal-Mart & 7-11 over disrespected cannabis companies. This panel will highlight this debate.

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  1. Will Wal-Mart and 7-11 ultimately win and be able to sell pre-packaged cannabis products?
  2. Steps that cannabis companies can take to defend themselves against this outcome.
  3. Will convenience stores destroy millions of cannabis company investment dollars?



Debra Borchardt, CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Co-Founder, Green Market Report

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