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Empowering Youth Across Borders

Discussion between our panelists and clips from BYkids’ PBS documentary, Out of Aleppo, will demonstrate the power of giving agency to those who have been displaced by violence via the storytelling of Mohammed Shasho, a young man from Aleppo, Syria. We learn how he became empowered to overcome hardships and obstacles. The voice and experience of a peer will allow teachers and their students to delve into discussions about borders and immigration and moreover; teach empathy against xenophobia.

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  1. Teaching global competency and global citizenry.
  2. How to educate and empower students to value and tell their own stories, as well as how to engage in active listening of others' stories.
  3. Teaching against xenophobia by speaking and listening across borders.



Holly Carter, Founder & Executive Director, BYkids

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