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How Does Your Online "Course IQ" Measure up?

Many factors are involved in developing an online course that is deserving of being called a “quality” course. Organizations such as Quality Matters and the Online Learning Consortium have developed standards for measuring “quality” through rubrics and the Quality Scorecard. However, examining a key set of determinants that go beyond the scope of traditional quality standards could result in a new model for measuring the quality of an online course otherwise called the “Course IQ”!

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  1. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce a new model for effectively measuring online course quality otherwise called the “Online Course IQ”.
  2. The goal is to present four specific determinants of online course quality that when compiled, results in the online “Course IQ” outcomes.
  3. At the conclusion of this presentation, the participant will be able to apply this model of quality measurement to any online course or program.



Diane Lippe, Executive Director Of Educational Technologies, Nova Southeastern University

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  • Tags: online education, data
  • Event: EDU
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  • Track: Higher Education
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