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SXSW 2020

Gender Equity in Fundraising: The Candor Clause

In 2018, only 2% of venture capital was invested in female founders. And believe it or not, this IS progress. Women are creating businesses at record rates and venture is not keeping pace. This is not a female founder issue. It serves our entire community for good ideas to break through, get funding, and grow.

Join Liz, Natty, and Colin as they push forward with the Candor Clause—a movement to propel the entire startup community to have transparent dialogues about gender equality in entrepreneurship. From tangible legal structures for making investors accountable, to how male founders can be advocates, they’ll assess the outcomes of the Candor Clause in their own businesses, the promotion of gender equity in the workplace, and the clause’s relevance for all.

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  1. Discover what the Candor Clause is and how it promotes gender equity for female founders seeking to raise VC dollars.
  2. How founders and investors can work together to hold each other accountable.
  3. How to have candid conversations with your investors, co-founders, and team about why gender equality matters.



Justine Pallas, Manager, cred

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Startups
  • Level: Beginner
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