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SXSW 2020

This Weight Loss Mindset Will Kill Dieting Forever

The Diet Industry has got to go! Aren’t we done with empty promises, quick fixes, and weight regain-not to mention it feeding off of our failure and shame?! And who loves all of that time-consuming calorie counting, food logging, goal tracking, and weigh-ins? 2020 humans can’t wait 2 seconds to stream their favorite show, let alone follow tedious outdated diets.
Enter the Iterative Mindset(TM)-a novel driver of weight loss-found in Walmart Associates who achieved lasting weight loss against all odds. Based on brain science, we built the mindset and habit formation app, Fresh Tri(TM), and studied its efficacy. Amazingly, users lost significant weight (p less than .001)-without tracking. We want to use this breakthrough to free the world from dieting forever-no more failure, guilt, or shame!

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  1. Current diets, that use calorie, steps or weight tracking, backfire when we fail-because our brain’s habenula kills our motivation and we quit trying
  2. There’s no obesity, or chronic condition, epidemic. There’s a “quit trying” epidemic. But successful people found the cure: an Iterative Mindset.
  3. The brain-based Fresh Tri trains users in an Iterative Mindset (of habit practice and iteration) and has been proven to drive significant weight loss.


  • Kyra Bobinet, Founder, President & CEO, engagedIN
  • David Hoke, Senior Director, Associate Health and Well-being, Walmart


Kyra Bobinet, CEO and Founder, engagedIN

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