Design College Experiences Students Will Choose


Why do people go to college? The answer is crucial to designing better student experiences. Yet perceptions about the decision-making process fall far from reality. Join Horn and Moesta to explore the five motivations for why students “hire” college in the first place. They’ll lead a live interview with one of you and unpack research from their book “Choosing College.” Get inside the heads of today’s learners and leave equipped with the insights needed to meet their evolving needs.

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  1. Understand what motivates students in selecting college and what they want from their college experience.
  2. Examine the five reasons why students choose post-secondary education (the “jobs” they hire college to do), often without ever realizing it.
  3. Gain and apply a framework for how to build better experiences for each of the five jobs.



Stephanie Heckman, Director, Stern Strategy Group

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  • Tags: school design, student voice
  • Event: EDU
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