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See What Happens When Students Design Their School

What happens when high schoolers are unleashed and given the freedom to envision a fresh, student-led learning environment? What can the unique viewpoints of these underserved stakeholders teach educational leaders? With the future of education design resting in the hands of today’s generation, let’s discover how to design through students’ eyes.

Sharing the discoveries of 3 fearless interns from a progressive high school, learn directly from students of today and leaders of tomorrow!

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  1. By stepping into the role of the student, let’s explore what is not working in today’s traditional educational model and built learning environments.
  2. Rooted in innovation and collaboration, how has this new, revolutionary education model impacted the facilities in which these students need to learn?
  3. With students acting solely as designers, how can educational leaders and architects replicate this new model in their own learning environments?



Corey Johnson, Education Design Studio Director / Associate Principal / Architect, CTA Architects Engineers

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