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SXSW 2020

Tech for Work That Works: People Over Processes

As technology is now ubiquitous in every workplace, from agriculture to creative, its potential is too often leashed, and getting to work too often implies working with technology you wouldn’t accept in your private life. Beyond tools, the main issue is a philosophical one: where employees want technology that empowers them, management too often sees technology as way to enforce processes, control people, and depreciate the craft. To break the deadlock and unleash the true potential of tech at work, we need companies to build a new understanding of what work really is. Through real life examples, from Brazilian mechanics to French engineer, we’ll share methods that helps understand the reality of work, and to build tech workers want to use and enable them to achieve their full potential.

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  1. Can we build productivity by letting people design their own tools, technology and knowledge?
  2. How can we leverage the way people organize themselves to work despite the tools they have an obligation to use, in order to build better work tech.
  3. Why and how to build a deep understanding of employees’ real lives, issues and aspirations in order to successfully implement a new technology?


  • Henri Jeantet, Founder, Strategy and Design, _unknowns
  • Charles Kergaravat, Head of International Marketing, Klaxoon


Henri Jeantet, Founder, Strategy and Design, N/A

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Presentation
  • Track: Workplace
  • Level: Intermediate
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