SXSW 2020

Eyes Off The Road! Universal's Drive For In-car VR


Realizing that the autonomous car is the next entertainment frontier, Universal is working with German startup, holoride, and immersive content studio, REWIND, to shape the in-car entertainment experience of the future.

In collaboration with REWIND, Universal is taking beloved IP and reimagining it in VR. Holoride technology takes that VR content and matches it with data points from the vehicle in real-time, creating an extremely immersive experience that also helps to reduce motion sickness. The content is highly adaptive & matches the type & length of the route.

Journey-based XR experiences are exciting new content for creatives and new revenue opportunities for many companies.

Self-driving cars will make the 'moving living room' a reality - a media revolution is on its way.

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  1. Is the autonomous car the next entertainment frontier? Hear Universal's thoughts.
  2. How does virtual reality in a car work and what is elastic content?
  3. What opportunities and challenges does this open up for creatives, media, and brands?



Jude Forbes, Head of Marketing, Rewind

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