SEL for Tween Girls: Modern-Day Video + Dialogue


A Microsoft diversity and inclusion leader and former middle school teacher brings a modern-day approach to SEL in the classroom, meeting students where they are: watching video! Soci Circle is a multi-award-winning web series starring a diverse cast of tween girls who talk openly about their social challenges. Each episode is followed by life-changing dialogue that increases girls’ kindness, confidence and empathy. Participants will be introduced to the curriculum and rewards-based measurement.

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  1. Young girls are internalizing increased anxiety, isolation, and depression. Soci Circle provides a safe space to spark the conversation.
  2. Through video of girls who look, act and talk like them, students explore perspectives and solutions for issues like bullying and cultural acceptance.
  3. Students offer impactful peer-to-peer solutions to real-world topics such as social media, cyberbullying, texting, diversity and inclusion, and more.


  • TIANA CLARK, Creator and Executive Producer, Elle Twelve


Tiana Clark, Creator & Exec Producer, Elle Twelve

Meta Information:

  • Tags: curriculum design, diversity
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Workshop
  • Track: SEL & Wellness
  • Session Focus Area
  • Level: Deep Understanding

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