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Access and Education for Universal AI Success

The infiltration of automation and AI technologies in the workplace is requiring ALL workers to understand and utilize emerging AI solutions. But do we have the right systems in place to democratize AI? How can we foster inclusive cultures where everyone has tech access and education to thrive in the future of work? This panel will offer business and socioeconomic perspective to address the most pressing reskilling challenges and opportunities, and how we prepare for the Automation First era.

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  1. What skills tomorrow’s workforce will need as automation and AI solutions take hold across organizations
  2. What efforts are underway to ensure workers are adequately prepared to work with automation and AI
  3. What more needs to be done, systemically and within organizations, to cultivate greater AI access and education


  • Plinio Ayala, President and CEO, Per Scholas
  • Elizabeth Lindsey, Executive Director, Byte Back, Inc.
  • Tom Clancy, Senior Vice President of Learning, UiPath
  • Rebecca Koenig, Senior Reporter, EdSurge


Nicole Metro, Account Manager, Version 2.0 Communications

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