SXSW 2020

Superpowered or Enslaved--The Future of XR


XR promises us new superpowers, both virtually and in the real world, in our daily lives. Depending on whether our own information is used for or against us, it also has the potential to manipulate and enslave us. Either way, XR is coming soon in a big way. How can we understand the risks, and what steps can we take to build the brightest future possible?

Join a veteran XR designer and technologist who has wrestled with these questions for close to 30 years. He's helped companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Disney make decisions on billion-dollar projects using creative prototype and strategic design, with an emphasis on the ethical implications.

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  1. XR is a powerful platform for enabling people to overcome many of the natural limitations of time, space and cognition. We'll walk through examples.
  2. Body sensors, especially eye tracking, can learn our emotional reactions to stimuli to such a degree that we may allow ourselves to be manipulated.
  3. We should choose our platforms carefully, to ensure we're only allowing companies who aim to enable us and not the other option.



Avi Bar-Zeev, Founder, RealityPrime

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