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Future of Augmented Reality


My name is Vik, and I’m a graduate researcher in the Object-Based Group at the MIT Media Lab. Prior to coming here, I worked as a project lead and hardware engineer at Magic Leap, a startup building a wearable lightfield display that mimics how real-world content is sent to the user’s eye. Most advances in the AR/VR space are taking the form of wearable displays, but what if we could bring the content before us without the need to wear anything? At the MIT Media Lab, we having been researching new human-computer interfaces, next-generation small-form factor holographic video displays, and fabrication methods for holographic television. I hope this work will be interesting as we enter an era where augmented content becomes part of our everyday interactions.

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  1. Understand the current landscape of AR/VR/MxR.
  2. Understand differences between holographic, lightfield, and other 3D displays.
  3. Look at useful applications in the next 2-5 years for AR/VR/MxR.



Vik Parth, Researcher, MIT Media Lab

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