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Learn About Diversity & Inclusion from Marie Curie


Think of Marie Curie. Would you expect to find a fascinating number of similarities between the Curie's treatment of their work in the early 1900's and today's tech industry? I certainly didn't… Join Mandy Whaley to explore how the Curies used an approach similar to modern Open Source licensing to open the process for isolating radium to the scientific community, and how the limitations at the time on the rights of women to own intellectual property influenced this decision. Also, learn how Marie Curie used a strategy similar to Kickstarter to raise funds to buy radium for her own research, and how all of these experiences and lessons can help us today.

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  1. Draw inspiration from one of the greatest Woman in Tech pioneers on how to break through gender barriers
  2. Learn how innovative ideas and processes from over a hundred years ago can still be applied to today’s tech industry to provide value and drive change
  3. Take away actionable insights on how to look at industry, community and organizational problems through a different lens in order to make progress


  • Amanda Whaley, Director of Developer Experience at Cisco DevNet, Cisco DevNet


Dave Bertling, Founder, LIVE24

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