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Air-Levitation: A New Hyperloop Transport Method


The Hyperloop and the possibility of traveling at transonic speeds is gaining more momentum as companies are developing full-scale transport systems. As the founder and advisor for Texas Guadaloop, a research group turned Hyperloop startup from The University of Texas at Austin, I am working with a team of engineers to build the first Hyperloop Transport Vehicle that uses air as a source of levitation and friction-less movement, making transportation more cost-effective and efficient. Our design won the Innovation Award at the SpaceX-Hyperloop II in August 2017, and we presented our latest designs at Competition III in July 2018. We believe these enabling technologies will push the boundaries of transportation and bring the world closer together.

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  1. People understand what a Hyperloop is and the current players in the market (Boring Company, Virgin Hyperloop, HTT, etc)
  2. Texas is at the forefront of making Hyperloop more cost-effective and efficient.
  3. We have worked with Elon Musk, SpaceX, and the Boring Company to test our vehicles.



Vik Parth, Researcher, MIT Media Lab

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