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Building Just Systems for Safe Schools

A positive school climate is one in which people feel socially, emotionally and physically safe and connected. In a time of heightened concern about violence in schools, schools are collaborating with law enforcement, security personnel, and juvenile justice institutions. How can schools and communities strategically, justly, and equitably leverage non-educator staff and institutions to improve school climate, increase school safety, and enhance the education and wellbeing of all students?

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  1. Hear three critical perspectives on the creation of safe and positive schooling experiences for students--a researcher, a judge, and a practitioner.
  2. Learn about the impact, and challenges, of partnerships between schools, community institutions, and the juvenile justice system.
  3. Critically examine existing school climate improvement efforts, including violence prevention, intervention, and trauma-informed teaching.



Lindsay Falkenberg, Assoc, Whiteboard Advisors

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