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Designing for How Learning Happens

One of the most important questions when designing learning environments is: How does learning happen and how can we best support it? Luckily there is extensive cognitive, neurological, and psychological research that has unearthed largely agreed-upon insights about learning. This workshop will engage participants in active learning, discussion, and application of some of these insights, specifically those related to the roles that factors like cognition, identity, and others play in learning.

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  1. Understand key research insights about the roles cognition, motivation, identity, individual differences, and the social context play in learning.
  2. Analyze your own school or learning environment through these insights to understand the extent to which it currently honors how learning happens.
  3. Ideate and iterate on ways to redesign elements of your school or learning environment to better support how learning happens.



Cynthia Leck, Partner, Transcend

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