SXSW 2019

How the Intelligent Network is Improving Lives


From streamlining city transportation services to integrating edge devices into city and business operations, the programmable network is opening up limitless opportunities for developers. But while apps in the first world help people find a date and get food delivered, those in developing countries are creating apps that help grow food without wasting water resources or help provide access to clean drinking water.

As speed and access improve globally, network infrastructure will serve as the foundation for innovation that will improve lives - from cities to villages, in every region. Developers from places like Tanzania and Haiti are eager to solve real-world problems - Dr. Susie Wee will discuss how education and access to the right technology can help them do just that.

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  1. Hear how online developer education has brought new opportunities to people in developing countries, and about the different problems they're solving.
  2. Discover how the programmable network is changing city structure and flow.
  3. Learn how to collaborate with people around the world to build new applications on the network and help make a difference.



Dave Bertling, Founder, LIVE24

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