SXSW 2019

Two Choices for Humanity’s Digital Future


We are living in the fourth Industrial Revolution, a time marked by rapid development of "phygital" technology; which fuses the physical and biological with digital. The sheer speed at which we are collecting and processing open data, big data and personal data to drive technology has put us on course to a new age. The quality of the questions we ask today will determine the world that exists tomorrow. How we decide to harness algorithms, AI and automation will determine whether or not society evolves in the best interest of humanity. Will we enter a digital renaissance where humanity thrives, or a feudalistic new age, marked by prejudice, a loss of freedom and personal control? Join MEECO CEO, Katryna Dow to discuss digital future and how we can engage to influence it for good.

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  1. Why are ethics and agency essential and foundational to developing the technology of the future?
  2. Why are standards and transparency critical to an open and free society?
  3. Why is it time to move beyond complacency to establish new commercial models that enable and reward participation, while taking care of people?


  • Katryna Dow, Founder & CEO, Meeco


Leigh Durst, Founder & CEO // Consultant, Live Path // IEEE (Client)

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