SXSW 2019

Facing Difficult Truths: Burn-Out to $100M ARR


A successful exit can set you up financially, but how do you avoid the fate (statistically) of the majority of founders who become unmoored after an exit, rather than ecstatic over their newfound wealth, entering the next chapter of life?

 We manage products and even people, but managing our own minds can often be hardest of all. Ironic, since biologically it ought to be the thing we can control most. Bad management of the mind results in poor strategic decisions and unnecessary negative emotions and stress. Startups are difficult enough and risky enough as it is, without this added burden.
 Through personal stories, you’ll unearth the truth in what it means to be a founder, take solace in seeing you’re not alone, and overcome these challenges with some specific insights and learnings.

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  1. Balancing day-to-day responsibilities, the big picture plan, and a healthy mindset
  2. Avoiding the fate of founders who become unmoored after an exit
  3. Making the emotional tough decisions.



Stephanie Capouch, Sr. PR Manager, WP Engine

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