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From Pedigree to Competency: College for All?

At South Bronx Community, we teach young people to design their futures. Our competency based approach focuses on developing the skills young people need for college, career & community. Does the dogma of college for all stifle student agency? Can we take a broader perspective and personalize what it means to graduate high school, prepare for our dynamic economy, the rapidly changing professional landscape & importantly, nurture the SEL skills needed to live a purposeful & fulfilling life?

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  1. To reconcile the common narrative of college for all with the rising trend in personalizing learning pathways for young people.
  2. To explore the data correlations between college degrees vs. alternative post-secondary pathways and career success.
  3. To analyze different conceptions of the purpose of public education. How is it evolving?



John Clemente, Co-Founder and Executive Director, South Bronx Community Charter High School

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